Uptycs is the leading cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP) for hybrid cloud environments, enabling unified cybersecurity across the entire application and infrastructure lifecycle. From the software pipelines that build applications to the cloud workloads that run them, Uptycs provides comprehensive protection through a single console, data lake, and policy framework.

With a commitment to DevSecOps excellence, Uptycs brings together diverse teams to master threat operations, ensure compliance, and reduce risk across clouds, containers, and software pipelines. By harnessing the power of security data, Uptycs delivers correlated insights that enable decisive actions to elevate cybersecurity standards


Deeper data for better insights

Correlates real-time and historical insights to prioritize the threats and vulnerabilities that matter. Provides 13-month lookback, Ask Uptycs natural language queries for ad-hoc investigations, and threat intel correlation.

Remediation requires cloud speed

Correlates attack path data to rapidly pinpoint and focus response to vulnerabilities and misconfigurations at cloud speed. Slashes MTTR by 50% with real-time, ATT&CK-mapped detections, and blast radius visibility via a security graph.

Cloud means hybrid cloud

Secures public and private cloud, Kubernetes, Linux, IBM AIX, Linux on Z, LinuxONE, and the software pipeline. Scales from hundreds to millions of workloads with proven reliability.

First Generation CNAPP solutions

First-generation CNAPP solutions don’t have all the data needed to manage and prioritize risk. Uptycs revolutionises cloud security by integrating advanced risk mitigation and AI technologies.

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