Bid Support

POC Assistance

Implementation Assistance

Product Maintenance & Support


Let Kite Services help give you the advantage over your competition. We are on hand to assist in qualifying the chosen solution and ensure that technical credibility is established in front of your customer.

We will fully support you through the presales phase, providing you and your customer with advice, recommendations and product demonstrations.

Bid support

Let Kites experience help you compile the appropriate elements for your bid. Our team will work with you ensuring the right product information, integrations and recommended implementations are there to support your bid.

POC assistance

Let Kite Help you correctly implement that POC for the best results and customer outcomes. Our engineers will assist in the deployment and configuration meeting best practice requirements to ensure the POC get the best possible results.

Implementation assistance

A successful installation is the first step in establishing customer satisfaction & ensuring repeat services revenue. Kite Services are on hand to ensure trouble free deployment as possible providing on-site or remote support and delivering an installation in compliance with best practices.

Product maintenance & support

Allow Kite to help you define the parameters for the best on-going maintenance and support, enabling you and your customer to get the best ROI and longevity for all your deployments.