C-Packet Overview

cPacket Networks enables enterprises, governments and service providers through Network-Aware Application Performance and Security Assurance across the distributed hybrid environment. Their AIOps-ready single-pane-of-glass analytics provide the deep network visibility required for today’s complex IT environments. With cPacket, you can efficiently manage, secure, and future-proof your network – enabling digital transformation.

cPacket solutions are fully reliable, tightly integrated, and consistently simple. cPacket enables organisations around the world to de-risk their businesses against planned and unplanned downtime. Their cutting-edge technology enables network, application, and security teams to proactively identify issues before negatively impacting the business. The result: increased security, reduced complexity, and improved operational efficiency.


Network Observability

cPacket was designed from the ground up to enable all customers and tools to get access to all the packets. This has helped cPacket build highly accurate and lossless packet brokers and now packet capture and analytics tools. The concept of lossless performance allows the creation of detailed observability metrics so administrators are able to make the best decisions for their business based on all the facts. These decisions allow them to understand all the packets all of the time.

Packet Capture & Analytics

cPacket capture and analytics appliances combine hardware and virtual that have a common feature set enabling industry leading capture rates, world class analytics and flexibility. Combining cloud and hardware appliances can help you operate in a modern hybrid infrastructure but using common tools based on a “learn once and use” in all the environments and visualise in a single location. Performance up to 100G capture and storage options up to 2PB down to 10G with 48TB to support all requirements.

Packet Brokering

cPacket was born building industry leading packet brokers build around flexible and hardware accelerated performance without the bottle necks which result in packet loss or limited software capabilities. Running at 10G up to 100G and everything in between allows their customers to support many tools which they leverage to support their infrastructures. Their lossless approach results in customers making the best decisions based on all of the packets all of the time.


cClear, a management and visualisation platform, allows customers to have a single pane of glass to manage and visualise the systems which are running in their hybrid network. This can be across multiple datacenters or between on premise and cloud or virtual infrastructure. From simple device management to looking at the health of the appliances or leveraging a flexible dashboarding interface to quick dig in to where an issue might be emerging from within their infrastructure is transformative.

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