Immersive Labs Overview

It began with a bright idea – a platform that would instil readiness, resilience and confidence in human cyber capabilities. This was CEO James Hadley’s vision back in 2017. James recognised that classroom-based training could not keep pace with threats and that it was too passive for cyber security talent. He realised an agile, hands-on solution was required – an approach that allowed individuals and organisations to continuously hone their skills, successfully address new threats, and become familiar with the latest tools and techniques. Since 2017, Immersive Labs has been delivering on that promise.

Immersive Labs enables you to evidence your cyber capability, risk, and resilience across technical teams for the first time. The platform gives you the ability to measure real-time cyber efficacy as it relates to cyber teams, developers, engineers, and executives – all in one platform, kept up to date at the speed of cyber. Immersive Labs call this, Cyber Workforce Optimisation.


Immersive Cyber

Upskill Security Teams with role-specific labs that are matched to emerging risk and industry frameworks. Using Immersive Cyber, security leaders will gain valuable data insights on the knowledge, skills, and judgement of their cyber security teams.

Immersive Crisis

Drop Executives and Incident Response teams into crisis scenarios based on the latest threats. Immersive Crisis measures and continually improves the response of technical and non-technical teams for greater cyber crisis resilience.

Immersive AppSec

Understand the security skills across the SDLC with targeted, role-specific labs. Immersive AppSec with CloudSec ensures Application Developers and Infrastructure Engineers’ security abilities keep pace with the threat environment.

Immersive Talent

Workforces can test and analyse a candidate’s abilities to ensure they have role specific knowledge, skills, and judgement. Using Immersive Talent allows you to focus on the right talent and remove unconscious bias in the hiring process.

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