Thales Cloud Security

Today’s enterprises depend on the cloud, data and software in order to make decisive decisions. Thales help organisations to protect and secure access to their most sensitive information and software wherever it is created, shared or stored – from the cloud and data centers to devices and across networks. Thales solutions enable organisations to move to the cloud securely, achieve compliance with confidence, and create more value from their software in devices and services used by millions of consumers every day.

With over 40 years of experience, Thales are the worldwide leader in data protection, providing everything an organisation needs to protect and manage its data, identities and intellectual property – through encryption, advanced key management, tokenization, and authentication and access management. Whether it’s securing the cloud, digital payments, blockchain or the Internet of Things, security professionals around the globe rely on Thales to confidently accelerate their organisation’s digital transformation.


CipherTrust Manager

CipherTrust Manager offers the industry leading enterprise key management solution enabling organisations to centrally manage encryption keys, provide granular access control and configure security policies. It manages and simplifies key lifecycle management tasks, including secure key generation,
backup/restore, clustering, deactivation, deletion and provides role-based access control to keys and policies.

Data at rest encryption

Encrypt everything with centralised control. Thales offers data-at-rest encryption solutions that deliver granular encryption, tokenization and role-based access control for structured and unstructured data residing in databases, applications, files, and storage containers. With centralized key management and a hardened root of trust, enterprises can ensure their master keys are protected and data remains secure.

Data Discovery and Classification

Data Discovery and Classification helps organisations get complete visibility into their sensitive data with efficient data discovery, classification, and risk analysis across heterogeneous data stores – in their enterprise. Simple to deploy and use, it provides a single pane of glass that allows organisations to get a clear understanding of what sensitive data they have, where it’s located, and its risks of exposure.

Data in Motion

Data in motion security is a moving target: network encryption protects it. More than ever, leveraging encryption is a vital mandate for addressing threats to data as it crosses networks. Thales High Speed Encryption solutions provide customers with a single platform to ‘encrypt everywhere’— from network traffic between data centers and the headquarters to backup and disaster recovery sites, whether on premises or in the cloud.


Kick off Post-Quantum Readiness with the PQC Starter Kit

Thales has announced the launch of its PQC Starter Kit in collaboration with Quantinuum. This first of its kind offering helps enterprises prepare for Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC).

The kit provides a trusted environment for businesses to test quantum hardened PQC ready encryption keys and understand the implications that quantum computing will have on the security.

Help your customers test their quantum readiness with the Thales PQC Starter Kit below.

Post-Quantum Starter Kit


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