Cynet Overview

Cynet began with a mission to transform the way organisations defend against cyber threats. They realised that the current security approach forces organisations to drain resources and exhaust IT security teams with expensive, complex multi-product security stacks. So they came up with a solution.

Since 2016, Cynet has been simplifying security, regardless of resources, security team size, or skill. They do this by providing a rapidly deployed, comprehensive platform for detection, prevention and automated response to advanced threats with near-zero false positives, backed up by a 24/7 MDR service, shortening the time from detection to resolution and limiting damage to an organisation.


Cynet Protector

Cynet Protector provides multiple native sensor technologies needed to detect and prevent threats across the environment, delivering the capabilities of EPP, EDR, Deception, Network Detection and Response, User Behaviour Analytics, threat intelligence, Cloud & SaaS Security Posture Management, all in a single easy-to-use platform.

Cynet Correlator

Cynet Correlator contains all the key capabilities of SIEM, including centralised log management for threat analysis and a powerful forensic capability, collecting and analysing all pertinent signal data from Cynet’s Sensor Fusion Engine, third-party sensors and log data, and correlating it into actionable incidents, all in real time.

Cynet Responder

Cynet Responder investigates threats and automatically orchestrates threat response and remediation actions across the environment, providing complete visibility of the incident and remediation actions, while automated remediation can perform various actions depending on the type and severity of the alert, reducing the burden on IT security teams.

Cynet CyOps

Staffed by an elite group of cyber threat analysts and investigators, CyOps is a complementary 24/7 MDR service, which provides monitoring, investigation, on-demand analysis, incident response, and threat hunting, giving organisations an extra set of expert eyes and allowing their security teams to prioritise and respond to what matters.

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