Hoxhunt Overview

Imagine every one of your employees becoming an expert at finding and reporting the hardest to detect threats—the ones that get past your technical layers. Hoxhunt does just that: We help security leaders and employees join forces to prevent data breaches.

Hoxhunt is a Human Risk Management platform that goes beyond security awareness to drive behaviour change and measurably lower risk. The solution combines AI and behavioural science to create individualized micro-training experiences people love. Employees learn to detect and report advanced phishing attacks, operations teams respond fast with limited resources, and security leaders gain outcome-driven metrics to document reduced cybersecurity risk.


Reduce human cybersecurity risk

Working with Hoxhunt, security teams give employees positive, rewarding, and fun experiences that stop their risky behaviour. User engagement rises year after year to rates that eventually top 75%. As activity rises, users start reporting real-world attacks–60% report a real threat within one year of starting with Hoxhunt.


Enhanced security awareness and phishing training, combined with instant feedback. The platform delivers individualised, adaptive training experiences for employees at the edge of their skill levels. The platform assesses and expands individual abilities with quick micro-training nudges based on in-the-moment responses to both real and simulated phishing attacks.


Respond helps SOC make sense of the threat feed and automatically pinpoints the incidents that need attention. The Hoxhunt platform analyses over 93,000 newly reported threats every day that have bypassed traditional security technology layers.


Comply enables security awareness programs to be delivered automatically, with minimal hassle and effort. From choosing the curriculum to customizing training content, Hoxhunt Comply lets security leaders build a comprehensive program at the click of a button.

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