Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud MSP Overview

A unified, highly effective cloud cybersecurity solution for managed service providers (MSPs) with advanced risk analytics, hardening, next-gen AV, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

GravityZone Cloud MSP Security is a multilayered security solution leveraging an extensive set of systems hardening, threat prevention and detection technologies as well as machine learning and behavioural analysis to provide advanced attack protection. It enables MSPs to maximise remote work protection, build resilience against sophisticated ransomware attacks and breaches, and grow profits. Stop breaches and elusive ransomware with the most comprehensive layered security, unified in a single GravityZone MSP platform.


MDR Foundations for MSPs

MDR Foundations help MSPs lacking in-house security experts to offer the highest level of protection for sensitive customers and stop advanced persistent threats and minimise the impact of attacks quickly and effectively. It is a true 24/7 detection and response service, with expert, human-led, targeted and risk-based threat hunting, that augments MSPs capabilities and delivers threat hunting, detection, and response.

XDR for MSPs

Bitdefender XDR for MSP evolves EDR capabilities and, out-of-the-box, fulfills the incident responders’ needs to integrate additional telemetry sources, deliver contextualised security incidents, and more comprehensive response capabilities. By bringing together endpoint, cloud, identity, network and productivity application data to the GravityZone platform, it expands visibility far beyond just managed endpoints.

Endpoint Risk Analytics

Bitdefender Endpoint Risk Analytics shows you risk scores based on your customer’s device settings in Browser Security, Network and Credentials, and OS security, and takes into account application vulnerabilities. This gives you continuous visibility of the security posture of your customers and lets you compare risk across companies and time and show improvements or support compliance with regulations around system benchmarks.

Advanced Threat Prevention

Effective automated prevention of advanced attacks is essential to avoid potential data breaches and reduce the need for manual incident investigation.The following technologies, available with the Bitdefender Advanced Threat Security (ATS) add-on product, are designed specifically to uncover elusive threats and stop them before they can execute and cause harm: HyperDetect, Fileless Attack Defense and Sandbox Analyser.

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