SafeGuard Cyber Overview

Safeguard Cyber is an award-winning comprehensive cybersecurity platform that empowers enterprises to adopt and manage collaboration, chat, and social media cloud applications securely and at scale. Security teams gain unprecedented visibility into various cloud applications beyond the typical endpoint. Compliance teams can create and implement custom policies and automate processes to flag violations.

Safeguard Cyber protects human connections on every cloud communication application from ransomware, social engineering, spear-phishing, DLP, costly policy violations, and more enabling swift corrective action against them. With Safeguard Cyber in place, your customers can fully embrace digital transformation across the whole enterprise on over 54 digital communication applications.


Digital Risk Protection

DRP is the practice of protecting third-party cloud channels from various forms of digital threat. As part of digital transformation initiatives, enterprise organisations are increasingly dependent on social and digital channels for everyday productivity, customer engagement, and growth. With this dependency comes the need to secure these channels. SafeGuard Cyber is the digital risk protection platform that securely enables humans to interact on any digital channel.

Account Protection

Employees that use cloud collaboration platforms, mobile chat, and social media applications often put the enterprise network at risk. The hijacking of account credentials from modern communication platforms originates outside your network. With the SafeGuard Cyber platform, you can prevent account takeovers, prevent attacks, and extend enterprise security policies to monitored corporate or employees’ digital communications all whilst maintaining employee privacy.

Zoom Governance

SafeGuard Cyber provides security and compliance protections, and archiving for Zoom. Secure your Zoom account against cybersecurity threats, data leakage, compliance risks, and inappropriate conduct. Extend these protections seamlessly to all users and across both meetings and IM chat within Zoom. Communicate in confidence with SafeGuard Cyber’s agentless security solution.


Cloud communication applications drive growth, but present risk. Recent regulatory fines have exceeded $1 million per post for social media compliance violations. With SafeGuard Cyber you can assure compliance no matter where your people work. Go cloud-first with confidence, automate archiving for all interactions, go from sampling to 100% coverage and ensure governance for all digital communications.






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