Partner Channel Update: RedSeal sign with Kite as UK distributor

RedSeal and Kite Distribution Ltd have joined forces in the battle against cybercrime.

Kite Distribution are a UK focused, value-added distributor that specialises in bringing innovative and disruptive technologies to the UK channel. Their management team have over 50 years of accumulated channel experience, including launching and building markets for some of the most readily recognisable security & networking brands around today.

RedSeal helps government agencies and Global 2000 companies measurably reduce their cyber risk by focusing on cybersecurity fundamentals. With RedSeal’s cyber terrain analytics platform and professional services, customers improve their resilience to security events by understanding what’s on their networks, how it’s all connected, and the associated risk. Only RedSeal automates foundational activities like continually visualising your entire hybrid data centre — your public cloud, private cloud, and physical network.

We interviewed Kuldip Tumber, Director at Kite Distribution Ltd and Bryan Barney, CEO at RedSeal to understand more about this partnership and explain why they have joined together.

Q & A

Q1.) Why have you chosen to partner with RedSeal?

Kip Tumber: Many of our customers are looking for ways to improve security, whilst lowering expenditure, simplifying complexity and reducing the time to investigate vulnerabilities.  RedSeal’s analytics platform is able to model what is on your network and what the associated risk to your organisation is.  If you can’t understand your own network how do you even begin to secure it? RedSeal’s technology provides the answer that many organisation strive to achieve with multiple analytics tools & expensive human resources.  We have already had tremendous interest and look forward to building a successful partnership.


Q2.) Why did you choose to sign with Kite?

Bryan Barney: After an extensive review of the UK distribution market Redseal have chosen Kite Distribution. Kite has over 50 years of accumulated experience and is incredibly focused, offering many value added services to its clients. Kite follows the same customer driven values as RedSeal in providing first class services that are repeatable time and time again. This partnership represents a major step forward for RedSeal in the UK. As the world has changed there has never been a greater need to fully understand the complexity of the entire Network. With Kite’s experience and partners and RedSeal solutions we believe this is perfect fit to increase the regions revenue.


Q3.) Why is it a good time to become a Redseal partner?

Bryan Barney: Now is a great time to become a RedSeal partner.  The modern enterprise networks changes so frequently, and has become so complex, that it is impossible for any unaided person to truly understand their network’s security posture.  And the future is going to be more of the same; hybrid cloud environments, multi-cloud environments, and SDN technologies are accelerating the trend towards complexity.  You can’t protect what you don’t understand.

RedSeal lets security administrators know what is on their network, how it’s all connected and the associated risks.  With RedSeal technology, you can conduct a complete inventory of everything connected to your network.  Once you have enumerated all host and network devices, you can then validate network segmentation policies, verify you are in compliance with policies and regulation, and prioritise vulnerabilities to be patched or mitigated.  If you have a moderate to large network, and you don’t have RedSeal, you are flying blind.

In addition, at RedSeal we understand how important partners are especially in the EMEA market.  We devote a large portion of our resources to making you successful, because we know if you are successful, we will be too. Working with RedSeal helps partners identify additional service offerings, from patch management to compliance and risk management.


Q4.) What are the current challenges and opportunities you are seeing in the market?

Bryan Barney: It is a truism in cybersecurity that complexity is the enemy of security.  But it is also true that fast innovation drives ever increasing levels of complexity.  The industry continues to wrestle with this contradiction. The faster we innovate, the more complex our environment becomes.  The more complex it becomes, the less secure it is.  We are all operating under what the military would describe as the “fog of war”, and like militaries everywhere, we are searching for “situational awareness”.

The market has produced hundreds of tools for detecting and protecting against cyber-attacks – which is good and necessary.  However, what we really need are more solutions for making the whole environment understandable and actionable.  We increasingly need technology that simplifies our view of risk, and creates the kind of clarity needed for taking action.  At RedSeal, we believe there in lies an enormous opportunity for our partners and ourselves.