RedSeal Overview

RedSeal helps government agencies and Global 2000 companies measurably reduce their cyber risk by focusing on cybersecurity fundamentals. Only RedSeal automates foundational activities like continually visualising your entire hybrid data centre – your public cloud, private cloud, and physical network.

With RedSeal’s cyber terrain analytics platform and professional services, customers improve their resilience to security events by understanding what’s on their networks, how it’s all connected, and the associated risk. RedSeal verifies that network devices are securely configured, validates network segmentation policies, and continuously monitors compliance with policies and regulations. It also prioritises mitigation based on each vulnerability’s associated risk.


RedSeal Platform

What’s on your network, how is it connected and what’s the risk? RedSeal’s cyber terrain analytics platform takes an organisation’s awareness of its network infrastructure and translates that into actionable priorities. The platform builds an accurate, up-to-date model of an organisations hybrid data centre so they can validate their policies, investigate faster, and prioritise issues that compromise their most reachable, valuable assets.

Product Features

RedSeal’s network cyber terrain analytics platform puts the information an organisation needs right in their hands. The RedSeal platform creates one interactive model of all the network environments. Unique in the industry, RedSeal’s platform can model and evaluate Layers 2, 3, 4 and 7 — application-based policies. And, it includes endpoint information from multiple sources.

Digital Resilience Score

The RedSeal Digital Resilience Score is the best way to measure and manage an organisations network’s digital resilience to cyber risk. Resilient organisations must focus on three main areas—being hard to hit, being ready for the attack when it comes, and being able to recover quickly.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Security

RedSeal’s cyber terrain analytics platform is the only product that brings complex hybrid multi-cloud networks into one, unified model. You’ll be able to understand your full cyber terrain, where your high value assets are, and all the ways they are vulnerable to attack.

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