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APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) have become the lifeblood of the modern economy due to the many business benefits they provide. But their increased usage has left organisations with the enormous task of ensuring their security. With it estimated that over 50% of APIs invisible to security teams, these unknown, unmanaged, and unprotected APIs expose critical business logic vulnerabilities and increase risk. These vulnerabilities have led to APIs becoming the leading cybersecurity threat vector as attackers seek to exploit organisations with traditional solutions such as web application firewalls (WAFs) and API gateways.

Wib are revolutionising API security. Wib’s Fusion platform is the only holistic solution on the market that delivers visibility, management, and control across the entire API lifecycle, from code, through testing and into production. The Fusion platform is purpose built to understand and interpret API and business logic and deliver insights on API-specific threats. By fusing together intelligence from all three development stages, the platform provides organisations with a complete and absolute solution for the entire API attack surface.

One platform, complete API security.


Wib Fusion Platform

Wib’s Fusion platform is the first of its kind. An API security platform that encompasses code, testing and production to provide organisations with a complete end to end API security solution within a single platform. Consisting of three layers, the Fusion platform delivers security, visibility, and management of APIs wherever they reside in your API estate. The Fusion platform removes API security blind spots and empowers organisations to identify API threats at every stage of development.

Fusion Discovery

The visibility layer of the platform, Fusion Discovery, provides a complete picture of your entire API estate, mapping all known and unknown APIs across the entire application development cycle. Fusion Discovery automatically generates an API inventory of every API, regardless of deployment state, location, type or if they are known to the organisation. In addition, Fusion Discovery delivers automated API documentation to make audits and examinations stress-free and eliminates the burden on development teams.

Fusion Defense

Wib’s Fusion Defense, the security layer of the platform, enables organisations to enhance their existing security program with purpose-built API protection. Utilising a multi-lens approach, Fusion Defense helps identify and protect against API threats wherever they exist across your API estate, from code, through testing and into production. This comprehensive security layer includes the detection of OWASP top 10 API vulnerabilities, the extraction of poor encryption and authorisation methods, full incident forensics, virtual patching via WAFs and much more.

Fusion Analysis

The final layer of the platform, Fusion Analysis, fuses together data gathered from source code, testing results, and production traffic, to assess API risks and their potential impact on the business. This enhanced intelligence provides the insights and context to take the right course of action to remediate any potential issues. Wib’s Fusion Analysis also provides automated snapshots of your API history to enable organisations to track changes to APIs over time. Fusion Analysis also gives security teams the visibility into which stakeholders could be exposing their company to risk.

API PenTesting

Compliance and security posture assurance

Wib’s API PenTesting-as-a-Service (PTaaS) is a quick and simple way to ensure regulatory compliance through the testing of application security, APIs and vulnerabilities in business logic. Wib’s PTaaS enables businesses to meet the compliance requirements of PCI, GDPR, CCPA, SOC-2, ISO, NIST 800-30, HIPAA, GBLA, CMA and others. Wib can provide full penetration testing capabilities or augment your existing solution with their API-specific security expertise without the need to integrate into your environment. Find out more via their website: https://wib.com/

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