Is migration to the Cloud right for you, or are you just following the flock?

Increasingly we’re seeing services and products migrate to the cloud. We know there are tons of benefits to operating in the cloud, and that these apply across plenty of different aspects of the IT world. Email is certainly no different, and with the right policy in place a cloud based solution can be the most efficient way for you to host and manage your email in every facet.

Simply due to its enormous usage in business your email store will swell like almost no other IT resource. For that reason alone the Cloud presents some great benefits. As your memory requirements grow it’s easy to let your store grow with them, and in theory do it at a lower cost too.

Despite the scalability of the cloud, it does come with its disadvantages. Many organisations have stringent views on the location of their data centres, which can cause issues with legislation around your business. Although Cryoserver can offer data centres according to your business, many organisations won’t.

Although process and procedure can be put into action to keep cloud services secure, there is no alternative to on-premise solutions when it comes to peace of mind. With an on-premise set up you know you’re data is safe within you’re system.

Mirrored hardware (like the kind we offer) may bring the best of both worlds, giving you access to your own store should you need it but also sitting quietly in the background for the 99% of the time that it isn’t required. By the same token denial of services or outages become much less of a threat, since a mirrored appliance will bring you disaster recovery capabilities in-house.

Of course there are benefits of cloud services right across the board. If you chose a quality provider then you’ll be able to enjoy extreme physical protection, with finger print and retina scanning not uncommon in data centres like ours (just for instance). A good data centre will have disaster recovery budgets that significantly outweigh your own in-house resources.

So what’s the moral of the story?

First and foremost, be choosey when you’re looking at the different delivery methods for your archive. Security, convenience and economy will all vary by format… what are your priorities?

There are solutions to most security issues in the cloud, but these will add another layer of consideration to your move. Depending on the technology you’re looking at a hardware based solution could be right for you, maybe a hybrid is. Don’t be afraid to ask security questions of your provider, if they’re good they’ll have a response ready and waiting for you.

Cryoserver affords you the option of multiple delivery methods. Not only that, but the people at Cryoserver won’t shy away from a discussion with you about your system, and your needs versus their product. Choose a vendor that looks out for you, like Cryoserver do.

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