Zivver Overview

Organisations are working increasingly with digital data and exchanging sensitive information with an increasing number of parties. This creates a lot of new added value, but the risk rises as well.

Safeguard sensitive information when sending emails or making video calls with Zivver’s easy-to-use integrated platform. Zivver meets the growing demand for security, privacy, efficiency, and user-friendliness in information sharing. Secure email and file transfers, straight from your familiar email programme with the Zivver solution. This enables you to prevent human errors, encrypt your data against hackers and keep control of the information sent. Control digital risks, enable easy to integrate data compliance, and feel secure when sending safe communications with Zivver.


Safe email and file transfer

A highly encrypted email solution that prevents costly data leaks. Whether it’s emailing the wrong person or attaching the incorrect file, Zivver’s smart technology enables you to correct these types of mistakes before hitting send, ensuring you can be compliant with your organisation’s data policies. Send information securely, safe from unauthorised access while your message is in transit, and utilise the detailed dashboard and logging function to maintain control at all times.

Safe video calling

Zivver Meet is the only solution you need for complete confidentiality when making video calls. It is a highly encrypted service that complies with regulatory requirements such as the GDPR and can be used from most browsers. It also meets ISO27001 and NEN7510 standards, which means it can be used safely by healthcare organisations. Easy to use from anywhere, with flexible options to suit your needs. Enhance your communication security with Zivver Meet.

Zivver for enterprise

Zivver safely transforms your company’s communication security with user-friendly integrated solutions your staff will want to use.  Send emails or chats, transfer files and make video calls with enterprise-grade data protection. Zivver is also easy to integrate with your current tools, such as Office 365 and Outlook.

Improve your Office 365 security

Zivver helps to prevent data leaks, improve compliance, and supports a positive business case when combining the service with Office 365. The encryption and authentication that Zivver provides guarantees zero access to third parties in a way that other cloud solutions, including Office 365, cannot offer.

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