RightsWATCH and the Cloud Security Advocate

Organisations continue to embrace the cost effectiveness of leveraging the cloud. In utilizing the cloud, businesses can see immediate benefit – a reduction in IT costs, increased agility and better support for certain business functions. But with the benefits come a price. The security of data and systems in the cloud remains a key issue and a critical barrier to faster adoption of all that the cloud promises.

Security is the single biggest factor holding back wide adoption of cloud computing. 90% of organisations are still concerned about public cloud security, and rightfully so. Data security is of immense interest and importance in 2015. 



It’s because of the concern for a security breach that relatively few organizations store sensitive financial data or employee healthcare data in the cloud. That makes sense. But what is interesting, is that email is the most frequently stored corporate information in the cloud (45%), followed by sales and marketing data (42%), intellectual property (38%), and customer data (31%). All of these types of information have the potential to contain sensitive information, yet, because of the nature of business today and the need for information to be conveniently shared, our sensitive information is out there.

What can be done to make the cloud more secure? That is the $10,000 question. It is virtually impossible to define a secure perimeter in the cloud. Encryption for data at rest and in motion tops the list of most effective security controls for data protection in the cloud.

RightsWATCH provides a simple way to overcome this dilemma. It provides a way for organisations to securely collaborate with and between other external users. With RightsWATCH’s seamless integration with Microsoft’s Rights Management (RMS), users can share encrypted, rights-managed files and send protected, rights-managed email messages to external parties safely and securely. RightsWATCH ensures sensitive information can only be seen and used by those that are allowed to do so. Even if sensitive data is leaked, it is rendered useless to unauthorised parties that may acquire it- keeping sensitive data safe whether it is on the move or outside the network perimeter.

Start leveraging the Cloud while protecting data today, with RightsWATCH and get:

  • The best-in-class user experience
  • An information security policy being applied to sensitive data
  • Content, context, and metadata aware policies rules for dynamic classification
  • Marks and tags of emails and files for user awareness, education, and compliance
  • RMS encryption for Role-based Access Control Policies
  • Comprehensive audit trails for forensic analysis

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