Net.Attack – The macmon Exit Game

macmon secure, technology leader for network access control, now offers its sales partners and distributors a creative approach to customer acquisition and customer loyalty with an exciting exit game.  macmon secure have a partner network of around 120 companies across Europe, including Germany, Great Britain, Austria and Switzerland.

The IT security expert, who also expects double-digit sales growth in 2018, wants to actively support their partners with this unusual marketing campaign.  After Managing Director Christian Bücker and his team had participated in a real escape game, the idea arose to develop their own game for advertising purposes.

Starter Kit for Marketing Activities

The macmon Marketing Team responsible for the conception and graphic realization of the game, has created a comprehensive promotion package for the partners.  It consists of event ideas, a short video, graphics and even packaging material to send the game to customers and prospects.

Rob Billington, UK Country Manager of macmon, comments: “macmon offers its partners comprehensive sales support.  With our free game, partners can organize their own events in consultation with our sales team, use the game for a raffle, or as an incentive for project staff.  With this activity we are testing new approaches to make the subject of network access control playfully the focus of interest from a fresh perspective.”

Rules of the game and the course of the espionage attack

The Exit Game consists of an app and a high-quality game box, which contains the rules of the game and six envelopes with instructions for the tasks to be solved.  The focus is on a highly-paid spy who is to steal some top-secret research data, from a multimillion-pound, which is located on a central server in the data center.  On the way to the server room to access the internal network, the spy has various tasks to solve in order to overcome the comprehensive security measures.

The game app “Net.Attack – The macmon Exit Game” can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple App store. In the app, the spy moves from room to room, gaining access only if he solves tricky puzzles in each room – but some of them are only solvable with a combination of hints in the app and in the game set. The game can be played alone or as a team of players. The duration of the game is about 45 – 60 minutes long.

“Besides the theme as such, the unique feature is the combination of the app and the game set.  An exit game in this combination does not yet exist,” notes Rob Billington on the structure of the game.  “Otherwise, either everything is in an app or just everything on paper for real.  Not only is the game considerably more valuable than a “simple” app, it can also be appropriately targeted to customers and prospects by our partners.”