Kite’s 2017 Reseller Symposium

Date: 17th October 2017 | Time: 13:30

Venue: The Victorian Bath House, London

2017 has brought a whole host of new IT challenges for partners and their customers which is why we wanted to organise an event to provide insights and introduce emerging technologies to offer support to the channel.
Our previous events have been instrumental in opening new networking opportunities, introducing disruptive solutions to our channel and helping steer focus to current and future sector trends.

IT Challenges in 2017 that inspired our event presentation topics

The State of Malware Malwarebytes
This year we have seen a huge rise in Ransomware with Wannacrypto infecting thousands of endpoints in 150 countries, including healthcare systems in the UK, telecom companies in Spain, and the Interior Ministry in Russia. Ransomware still seems as prevalent as ever with 40% of businesses being hit by this last year and 20% having to cease operating immediately, so we brought Mark Phillips in from Malwarebytes to talk about the State of Malware. 

Making sense of sensitive data PKWARE

Emails: To Keep or not to KeepCryoserver

Winning Business with GDPR – (General Data Protection Regulations) – Carl Gottlieb

2017 has also been full of expectation and preparation for the upcoming GDPR regulation which brought an endless amount of information on GDPR that seems to bring more questions than answers. With this, budgets became available for a whole host of data protection solutions such as data encryption, management and auditing tools.

PKWARE, Cryoserver and guest speaker Carl Gottlieb all delivered talks on various aspects of The GDPR and provided answers and solutions to the many questions.

Countering Security Threats with Intelligent IdentitiesEntrust Datacard

Many new companies have seen considerable success from leveraging digital transformation to offer services that already exist but in a new way that focuses on a frictionless user experience e.g. Uber, Air B&B and the trainline. This gives IT security solutions more pressure than ever before to balance security and a frictionless experience, which is why companies who embrace digital business are investing in solutions such as Entrust Datacard’s IntelliTrust Authentication Service that allow users to securely authenticate themselves on all their applications and devices with one single-on, eliminating unnecessary friction for the user.

These presentations provided great insight into the IT challenges of 2017 and provided solutions to these challenges. This along with the networking opportunities ensured everyone who attended felt they had a productive afternoon. This event proved to be one of our most successful, with a high turnout and unanimously positive feedback, with the venue proving very popular.

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