Rule 17: The right to be forgotton.

Following on from my previous ‘Have you thought about email GDPR’ blog last month, this blog will look at how email delivery and management may have to change under these new regulations.

Today, we generally receive our emails on our PC’s, laptop, mobile phones and tablets which mean, when you consider the email server and backups there could be up to 7 or 8 copies of every email we send and receive on our devices. Under rule 17 of GDPR, the “right to be forgotten”, could prove a logistical nightmare for whoever must find, delete and audit trail the process.

There is a solution to this potential problem and that is ‘Cryoserver’ who enable you to manage your email flow and control where every email is stored. All emails are automatically journaled to the Cryoserver solution and then a rule automatically deletes the email on the email server leaving you with only one copy within Cryoserver.

As far as the user is concerned, they would still access their email through outlook thanks to Cryoserver’s agentless integration with outlook. Userscan still access their email on mobile devices and tablets through the Cryoserver app, but the email will be stored only once rather than several times. This method of email flow enablesthe email administrator to find all copies of an email, delete it and access an audit report in seconds. Furthermore, Cryoserver can mirror the email with their mirror service to give resilience and backup.

For a quick and easy to understand demo of Cryoserver please give us a call on 0116 243 8600.