Automate enterprise threat intelligence and response with Malwarebytes and ServiceNow

There are a vast array of challenges facing organisations with large and complex networks. Such networks require an intricate and balanced array of tools to ensure they are secure and run efficiently. Many organisations report using more than 50 security tools, with other larger enterprises using well over 100 different solutions.

Such security tools often operate completely independently from one another. Meaning IT managers need to manually align information from multiple sources, leading to greater dwell and response times for malware and other threats. The response to malware is often re-imaging the endpoint. This is not only time-consuming but also an impractical approach when managing larger networks.

With these challenges in mind, Malwarebytes have partnered with ServiceNow. This technology partnership allows Malwarebytes to scan and remediate potential threats within a click of button on the ServiceNow management console. Organisations can respond to security threats faster than ever before with no detrimental effect on productivity. Whilst also freeing up technical resources for other business critical processes.

ServiceNow can also orchestrate responses across siloed IT systems based on threat intelligence and events generated by Malwarebytes. The blend of both solutions allows an organisation to prioritise events that pose a greater threat whilst also enriching the information provided for each individual incident. Please see below a diagram that details the collaboration further –Malwarebytes & ServiceNow Technology Partnership

Source – Malwarebytes ServiceNow Solutions brief

In summary, organisation may struggle to respond quickly to threats across multiple platforms. By prioritising high risk events, Malwarebytes together with ServiceNow can automate the scanning and remediation of potentially dangerous events.

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