Use it – don’t own it
It is the use of equipment that produces value for a business - not the ownership. Leasing delivers that capability, with the flexibility to structure payments that maximise your returns over the life of the lease agreement. With a leasing solution companies obtain equipment that is out of their immediate financial reach, preserving their capital and existing credit lines, increasing their cash-flow and maximising their buying power.

Vendor Finance

Sell More with Leasing
If you are a reseller, leasing can make your equipment more accessible to your customers. Thanks to our vendor finance solutions, your customers will be able to use the equipment they need, without having to tie up all the required capital. By offering a leasing solution to your customers, your company will benefit from increased sales revenue, faster collection of payment and our financial expertise and support.

More flexible payment options
Faster Implementation
Predictable payments over the lifetime of the contract
Reduced risk
Better protection against technology obsolescence
Minimised impact on capital budgets

Leasing is simple

Using Kite Currency our finance partner purchases the equipment and then sets up a leasing agreement with the end user. At the end of the agreement, the customer may have the option of returning the equipment, replacing it, or extending the agreement further.

4 Easy Steps

4 easy steps
1. Talk to your account manager who will establish your goals & requirements
2. Receive a leasing quotation
3. Present the terms of the lease quote to your customer & move forward with concluding the deal
4. Once paperwork has been signed your will get paid in full and the customer begins a monthly payment plan for the duration of the contract

Contact your account manager for further information on Kite Currency