ExtraHop Overview

ExtraHop provides cloud-native network detection and response for the hybrid enterprise. Their breakthrough approach analyses all network interactions and applies cloud-scale machine learning for complete visibility, real-time detection, and intelligent response. With this approach, ExtraHop helps the world’s leading enterprises rise above the noise of alerts, organisational silos, and runaway technology.

Whether you’re investigating attacks, ensuring the availability of critical applications, or securing your investment in cloud, ExtraHop helps you detect threats up to 95 percent faster and respond 60 percent more efficiently.


Cloud-Native Security

ExtraHop gives you the perspective you need to understand your hybrid attack surface from the inside out. Their industry-leading network detection and response platform is purpose-built to help you rise above the noise of alerts, silos, and runaway technology so you can secure your future in the cloud.

The ExtraHop difference

With cloud-native network detection and response from ExtraHop, you can focus on the threats that matter and stop breaches 70% faster. Eliminate blind spots with complete visibility, detect threats other tools miss with real-time detection and clear the queue faster with intelligent response.

Reveal(x) 360

SaaS-based ExtraHop Reveal(x) 360 is a cloud-native network detection and response (NDR) solution that provides unified security across on-premises and cloud environments, 360-degree visibility and situational intelligence without friction, and immediate value with a low management burden.

Reveal(x) Enterprise

Self-managed ExtraHop Reveal(x) Enterprise is the industry leader in network detection and response (NDR), providing complete east-west visibility, real-time threat detection inside the perimeter, and intelligent response at scale, enabling enterprise security teams to detect and respond to threats.

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