Agari Overview

Agari was founded by the thought leaders behind Cisco’s IronPort solution and co-founders of the DMARC standard for email authentication. Agari is the Trusted Email Identity Company™, protecting brands and people from devastating phishing and socially-engineered attacks. Using predictive AI informed by global intelligence from around 2 trillion emails annually, Agari guards the workforce from inbound business email compromise (BEC), supply chain fraud, spear phishing, and account takeover-based attacks, reducing business risk and restoring trust to the inbox. Agari also prevents spoofing of outbound email from the enterprise to customers, increasing deliverability and preserving brand integrity.

HelpSystems acquired Agari to enhance its data security portfolio and works with customers to harden security across all aspects of the IT environment. The addition of Agari means that its customers can confidently trust their email inboxes, safe in the knowledge their valuable data is well protected.


Agari Phishing Defense

Email phishing is the go-to attack used to target your workforce and supply chain. Cybercriminals have learned to bypass traditional security controls and outsmart even highly trained professionals with fake messages. Agari Phishing Defense combines advanced machine learning techniques, internet scale telemetry, and real-time data pipelines, to only allow emails from your organisations unique set of trusted customers, partners, and employees to be received.

Agari Brand Protection

The industry standard for DMARC, trusted by more than 40% of the Global 2000. It protects your customers from costly phishing attacks by automating and simplifying DMARC email authentication and enforcement, preserving brand identity and digital engagement. Combining Agari Brand Protection tools with third-party sender knowledge, Agari lets you authenticate your organisation’s legitimate email, thereby blocking unauthorised email from reaching your customers.

Agari Phishing Response

Agari Phishing Response prioritises reported incidents, automating investigative analysis and triage, to elevate the most suspicious to the top of the list. Then, it reduces manual efforts with remediation workflows to accelerate time-to-containment. This is the only turnkey phishing response solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to automatically remove all phishing emails from user inboxes. Agari Phishing Response contains breaches in minutes instead of months.

Active Defense

Phishing and BEC attacks represent a significant, ongoing threat to business. It’s critical to understand the strategies and tactics targeting your organisation and defend against the ever-present risks, along with the potential financial liabilities that comes with them. Agari Active Defense BEC Threat Intelligence service will help your team understand the specific threats your organisation faces, develop a proactive defense, and reduce the risk and liability of financial loss.

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